Photo / Video: "American Hip- Rocker" Dushon Ex Daniels seen partying with MTV Wild'n Out star Conceited.

"American Hip- Rocker" Dushon Ex Daniels 
seen partying with MTV "Wild'n Out" star Conceited.

Conceited, aka "Mr.Slow It Down I Just Dissed You!", is a Brooklyn-Native Rapper/Actor that has made several appearances on Network Cable TV[1]. Most recently, Conceited was featured as a new cast member on MTV2[2] and VH1 during the summer of 2013 for the Launch of the 5th Season of Nick Cannon's hit freestyle comedy show Wild N Out[3]. As a direct result of Conceited's participation on the show, and through promotion of Conceited's viral preview video freestyle rapping versus Nick Cannon[4], On Tuesday, July 9th, Conceited helped MTV2 break network records pulling in over 1.1 million viewers, quotably "The highest-rated tele-broadcast in the MTV sibling's nearly 20-year history", as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Although Conceited has worked with entertainment moguls like Nick Cannon[6], Kevin Hart, The Alchemist, & Adrien Broner, he is most known as a Hip Hop Icon and The Undisputed Rap Battle Champion in the freestyle rap battle culture. Conceited has dominated several talent development platforms since 2009 including: THE LIONS DEN, THE JUNGLE, GRINDTIMENOW, URL TV (SMACK DVD), & BATTLE BOX TV,[7] resulting in a 17-0 Professional Battle Record. Conceited currently holds the world title for Most Viewed Battle Rapper, pulling in a whopping 10 Million Digital Views & 1.1 Million TV Broadcast Views.

Clip of Conceited on Wild N' Out


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